When it comes to replacing teeth, dental implants are one of the best and most popular solutions available. According to the American Dental Association, more than five million dental implants are placed annually in the US—that’s quite a lot! However, there are still some odd rumors and misconceptions floating around when it comes to these implants, and you might be deterred from seeking them if you’re not sure about certain things. Keep reading as we debunk five of the most common myths about dental implants.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Are Only for Older People

Even though tooth loss becomes more common with old age, anyone can lose a tooth no matter how old they are. Whether it’s from physical trauma, poor oral hygiene, or some other health condition, missing teeth negatively impact the look and functionality of your smile. Anyone with good oral heath and a strong jawbone is eligible for dental implants—teenagers must typically wait until they’re 16 or 18, but there’s no upper limit.

Myth #2: Dental Implants Are Noticeable

One of the great perks of dental implants is that they look identical to your natural teeth! People probably won’t notice you have them unless you tell them. Other forms of treatment, such as bridges or dentures, can sometimes be noticeable; dental implants are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Myth #3: Dental Implant Surgery Hurts

Many people become a little nervous when any sort of dental procedure is brought up, but you have absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to getting dental implants! You might feel some pressure during the actual procedure, but your teeth and gums will be numb from an anesthetic. You won’t feel any pain at all—in fact, most patients are surprised by how comfortable the process is.

Myth #4: Dental Implants Are Expensive

Depending on your coverage and benefits, dental implants could be much cheaper than you think. While they are initially higher in cost than other treatments, they are a long-term investment that becomes very cost-effective as time goes on. They can also ultimately save you money in the future, too, by preventing certain problems from developing.

Myth #5: Dental Implants Will Limit My Diet

Although you’ll have to be careful about what you eat for the first few days after getting your implants, this is simply to allow the surgical area to heal. Once that’s done, you can pretty much eat whatever you want—although lots of fruits and vegetables are recommended to help prevent the growth of oral bacteria.

If you’re curious about getting dental implants, you should contact your dentist to see if they’re a suitable solution for you. Fixing your smile and improving the quality of your life is certainly worth it!

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