Summer brings sunshine, warmth, and tons of outdoor fun. Whether you’re traveling or just hanging out at the BBQ, you’ll be soaking up plenty of rays. But did you know the sun can also benefit your dental health? Yes, excessive sun exposure has its risks, but moderate sunbathing can be surprisingly good for your smile! If you’re curious about how the sun contributes to a healthier mouth, continue reading.

A Boost of Vitamin D

Did you know that when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D in your body? This mineral is certainly important for your overall health, but it also has great benefits for your teeth and gums! vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, strengthening your teeth and bones. With the fortification of this essential mineral, your teeth are less susceptible to cavities, decay, and other dental issues.

Fight Off Gum Disease

The vitamin D produced by the sun also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce your risk of gum disease. So, by spending a little time in the sun, you can help your body naturally lessen the effects of gingivitis or periodontitis. This leads to healthier gums to support your teeth.

Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

While not a substitute for professional whitening treatments by any means, the sun’s rays can have a mild whitening effect. This UV light helps break down surface stains on your teeth, making them appear slightly brighter. So, don’t try to “tan” your teeth for whitening, but do plan to take more selfies with friends and family!

Improve Your Mood

Another chemical created by synthesizing sun rays is serotonin. This is the “feel good” chemical that can naturally boost your mood! A brighter attitude can lead to better self-care, including keeping up with good oral hygiene habits. When you feel good, you’re more likely to stick to your routines and be social. This creates a positive feedback loop that will keep you smiling all summer long.

As you can see, a little sunshine can contribute to better dental health! However, it’s important to remember to take proper precautions when dealing with sun exposure. So, slather up with sunscreen, grab a bottle of water, and enjoy all the great benefits the sun has to offer for your smile!

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